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Apply to study abroad at your dream school!


Make the most informed decision and choose the school YOU want to attend.


One-stop-shop to prepare you to study abroad: exam prep, application submissions, visa, accommodation-- we got you covered!


Pay Rp0 from start to finish-- no hidden fees, guaranteed

College Students

Study Abroad Aid

We provide a one-stop service for students interested in continuing their higher education studies overseas. From working with students to find the programs best suited to their interests, to helping them prepare all necessary visa and travel arrangements, we offer a variety of services to ensure students the smoothest transition.

About Us

Weekly Tutoring

Learn from our experienced teachers and mentors in subjects like English, Math, Science, and more!

Available for students in Grades 3 - 12!


Apply to 800+ schools across 20+ countries!

University of Sydney - University of New South Wales - University of Adelaide - Australian National University - University of Queensland - University of Western Australia - Deakin University - Macquarie University - University of Technology Sydney - RMIT


John Hopkins University - Arizona State University - Louisiana State University - Cleveland State University - Oregon State University - Gonzaga University - Adelphi University - San Fransisco State University - Illinois Institute of Technology - University of Illinois at Chicago

United Kingdom

University of Edinburgh - University of Exeter - University of Liverpool - Lancaster University - University of Nottingham - University of Plymouth - University of Strathclyde - University of Sheffield - Teeside University - University of Essex


University of Waterloo - Toronto Metropolitan University - University of Ottawa - Yorkville University - University of Manitoba - University of Saskathcewan - Trent University - Langara College - Seneca College - Centennial College

How it Works!

Free Consultation

Book a free consultation with a Magna Mentor to start or continue your journey where you left off

Check Your Eligibility

Together, we will check your eligibility status and ensure you complete your document and grading requirements

Application Submission

After all requirements have been finished, we will review and submit your application

Review and Results

Your application is received and reviewed by your institution. If accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter in your email!


After reviewing all acceptances and deciding your school of choice, secure your spot by making your first tuition payment to the school


Your Magna Mentor will also be there to assist you through your student visa applications


In addition, we will help to arrange travel, transportation and housing to first-time travelers*

Pre-Departure Briefing

Before you embark, our Magna Mentors will brief you on what to expect once you arrive

* Additional services available on a first-come-first-serve basis


Find the best schools and programs for you!

No matter where you are in your admissions journey, our mentors are here to support you

  • Who are we?
    Magna Education is a tech-enabled organization led by a group of passionate educators who want to enable all students to pursue their greatest ambitions through education.
  • What services do we provide?
    Magna Education focuses on 2 services: 1. Weekly Tutoring 2. Study Abroad Aid
  • What curriculum do you teach during "Weekly Tutoring"?
    We offer weekly group tutoring sessions to students in Grades 3 - 12 with our experienced teachers and mentors to help our students succeed in their day-to-day studies in school. School curriculums include: 1. National Curriculum 2. Cambridge International Curriculum 3. International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum 4. Singapore Curriculum
  • What services are included under "Study Abroad Aid"?
    Studying abroad is a chance for students to pursue education overseas or in a foreign country. Magna Education provides a -one-stop-service for students that includes: School & Program Consultation Test Preparation Consultation Application Mentoring and Processing Acceptance Letter Review Visa and Student Pass Application Accommodation & Travel Arrangement Consultation Pre-Departure Briefing
  • Are there any fees needed to consult with Magna Mentors?
    Not at all! There are no fees charged when consulting a Magna Mentor --FREE consultation! We partner with the institutions and other partners to provide this free service for you. Contact us now to schedule an offline or online session to start pursuing your higher education journey abroad.


Schedule a free counselling session with our experts!

Contact Us

Metropolitan Tower, Floor 22,

Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan, 12430

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